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Knowledge Base: Cat Chiropractor

Are you looking for a cat chiropractor? Fast affordable holistic cat health care is easier than you may think! Schedule your risk free consultation now or continue reading to learn more.

Are you looking for a cat chiropractor?

The concept of applying chiropractic and acupuncture methods and techniques to the kitty cat seem somewhat strange at first until we realize that like all mammals the cat is a creature with spines, nerves, and spinal segments.

Also cats live on a planet where they can get jostled around and injured in their spine as they jump, run, are attacked, age, and are chemically insulted by any number of toxins in the environment.

When a cat experiences one of the above events, the body of the kitty cat has an incredible mechanism to modify and protect the kitty cats spine and musculoskeletal system. The spinal cord segments respond with a neuronal interference that essentially takes a section of the spinal cord offline in order to prevent further injury. This is called vertebral subluxation complex. It is not a bone out of place, it is not a partial dislocation, it is a neuronal interference that cannot be seen on x-ray or on MRI.

It is very common (vertebral subluxation complex), as the reader of this article has at least a half a dozen or more in their own spine right now. It is important to note that this is a pro survival mechanism that biological systems (mammals) has developed over millions of years of evolution it is mother nature’s way of protecting an injured area of the body.

Mother nature does not give us something that we do not need nor does it give us something that cannot be repaired. What is the first thing that I kitty cat does when he gets up in the morning?

Of course, it stretches, the same thing that a piano player does not sit when they sit down to play the piano, they flex their fingers to loosen them up.

So the stretching in the morning and the piano player flexing his or her fingers reestablishes normal motion to joints that are compromised by vertebral subluxation complex.

Unfortunately, sometimes the above spontaneous reduction of vertebral subluxation complex by normal stretching and flexing cannot be attained and then this neurological interference remains intact and continues to direct other conditions associated with this neuronal interference.

Chiropractors for the last hundred years or so been trying to apply classic holistic manual adjusting techniques using all tools available that they use on humans to their feline and canine friends. It turns out dogs and cats are excellent candidates for animal chiropractic. However, they very often do not get good results or any results at all.

The problem lies, not in their technique, nor does it lie the fact that most cats will not cooperate, but rather the fact that the feline, unlike other mammals has a higher amount of elastic tissue and all their connective tissue and their elasticity makes chiropractic manual adjustments very difficult.

One of the ways to reduce a vertebral subluxation complex, is to take a joint to its paraphysiological maximum and then with the rapid thrust force it through that in point which will stimulate the mechanoreceptors of that joint and reset the spinal segment thereby reducing the vertebral subluxation complex. This would successfully reduce the vertebral subluxation complex and adjusts the kitty cat chiropractically if it actually could be successfully done. The problem is that cats are just too flexible.

Fact: cat chiropractic treatment can help with constipation!

A classic chiropractic move is called a rotary break which involves twisting the bones in the head and the neck and is what people think about when they think about going to their chiropractor who will crack their neck. To do this in a cat, because of their increased flexibility you would just about have to twist the kitty cat’s neck off which, of course the cat will not tolerate in that kind of movement will produce one pissed off little kitty cat.
Benefits of chiropractic approach on cats:
Cats are very easy to adjust using an instrument, cats respond very effectively to instrument aided chiropractic methods such as Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM).

Some significant benefits of using the VOM technology in cats are;

Cats have really two problem areas: neck and mid back
Cats very commonly require 1 to 3 adjustments and they are done.
Cats can be adjusted with an instrument in hand and restrained with the other.
Cats can absorb a huge amount of energy so they cannot be injured.
The cat does not have to cooperate with an instrument aided adjustment.
Success rate in cat chiropractic is always very high.
Old age related cat illnesses and laser related treatments:
Did you know cats can get arthritis? What about hip dysplasia?

Old cats (14 to 19 years old) often have a whole series of subluxation complexes that begin around the ninth thoracic vertebra and go all the way to the sacrum.

This very often compromises their activity in their later life and also the subluxations that occur can compromise blood supply to the kidney which will predispose the animal to an accelerated degeneration of kidney function and shorten their lifespan by 3 to 5 years.

Cats are very tough creatures. They truly have nine lives. In cat surgery it is been said that if you get to broken bones of the same cat in the same room at the same time you are probably going to win. In the feline, we only need to nudge the kitty cat towards health to resolve the problem.

Opening up these neuronal tracks that have been temporarily compromised by vertebral subluxation complex is a quick and easy, and also very effective way to induce the cat to solve it is own problem.

It is been said that we heal these animals, that is not correct. But we do is may make it possible for the animals to heal themselves.

If we experience a kitty cat is having trouble jumping up on things or jumping down from things, it may be due to a subluxation phenomenon occurring in the neck. Their range of motion may also be compromised with her head may be on crooked to some degree. This is very easily fixed with an adjusting device. This very often can be completely and totally repaired with one adjustment and helps to avoid costly vaccinations and other expensive veterinary visits.