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Skin cancer, rouge currents and slippery conditions are just some of the potential dangers facing any Sac resident as they make their way to the river for a relaxing afternoon with the family. In the above video, local residents discuss the various precautions they take before heading out for some sun and a dip and surprisingly these precautions aren’t always aimed at children.

‘Even for strong swimmers it’s important that they understand that the water is cold, your muscles can cramp up, a lot of different things can happen, causing you to start struggling in the water,’ A local firefighter cautions.

Aside from all the usually hazards posed by afternoons at the river, locals also face a new threat posed by E. Coli outbreaks along popular recreation areas on the Sacramento River. E. Coli is an invisible to the naked eye and potentially lethal once you become infected.


A bacteria found in the gut of most mammals, the above video shows how an E. Coli outbreak can potentially occur in any town in America. While there hasn’t been a recorded outbreak for several months at the time this article was written, the potential for a new one poses and ever present danger. It is vitally important for the safety of ourselves and our families to be vigilant and check local news sources for updates on E. Coli levels before we venture off for an afternoon of fun, less it turn deadly.