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Knowledge Base: Emergency Chiropractor

Are you looking for a emergency chiropractor? Fast, affordable relief from your pain is easier than you may think with our experienced specialists! Schedule your risk free consultation now with our office or continue reading to learn more.

3 Reasons You Might Need an 24 Hour Emergency Chiropractor

Instead of the Emergency Room Head to your Emergency Chiropractor (Available 24 hours per day including Saturday and Sundays for emergencies)

The daily grind of life can put extra stress on your spine and joints. Little injuries such as bumping your head, pulling a muscle during exercise or straining your back while picking up something too heavy can become big injuries. The pain can sometimes leave you lying on the floor in need of an emergency chiropractor.

A trip to your local 24 hour emergency family chiropractor can save you precious time and money.

We are also pediatric specialists so we can assist with both adults and children (and even prenatal).

Get to an Emergency Chiropractor Immediately after a Sports Injury

Injuries that occur during athletic activities often require immediate attention. Sprains and strains put ligaments and joints in a compromised position. An early diagnosis can speed up the healing process, and a visit to an emergency chiropractor can lesson the negative impact on the joint.

See an Emergency Chiropractor after a Accident

Did you know that many victims of car accidents don’t feel any pain at the scene of the accident until hours or even a few days later? Whether or not you experience pain, you should be checked by an emergency chiropractor certified in whiplash care. Just because you aren’t hurting immediately, doesn’t mean that you’re not injured. Treatment options such as spinal decompression therapy can provide the best fast long lasting relief for your chronic pain.

An Emergency Chiropractor Can Help with Severe Back Pain and Give Quick Relief

Upper and Lower Back pain can be debilitating. Patients suffering from severe back pain or chronic back pain often have trouble walking or even standing up. If possible you should have someone else drive you to an emergency chiropractor for immediate treatment. Chiropractic treatment uses manual therapies to eliminate the pressure on your nerves and restore motion. Emergency chiropractors use proven techniques and physical therapies to decrease swelling in the joint which restores regular mobility.

If you are suffering from the injuries that require urgent attention, you will need the best emergency chiropractor you can find. An experienced and highly certified professional can help you recover from serious injuries and relieve the stress chronic pain brings.

Neck injuries include whiplash, and the strain on your neck can affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Our team possesses a clear understanding of neck injuries and help our patients restore their necks to the proper curvature.

Traditional medicine that uses prescription medication, braces, and surgery may not adequately treat the problems that emergency injuries bring. A professional emergency chiropractor can develop the correct treatment plan that will reduce inflammation and resolve pain, allowing for natural healing to occur.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and dealing with serious injuries, please contact Injury Chiropractic and schedule an appointment.