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As the weather warmed up Saturday, Sacramento was on fire watch once again. A small grass fire broke out in a field Saturday afternoon at Stevenson Avenue. Authorities said the fire burned roughly seven acres, but a fuel break kept it from spreading too far. Firefighters on the scene said arson crews are investigating the cause of this fire.

Coming at the end of a the most destructive fire season on record, this brush with nature’s deadly foe no doubt left locals feeling thankful they were able to return to their homes at the day’s end.

Nonetheless the situation remains dire in the golden state, spending record setting amounts of the state’s annual budget on fighting fires since the year 2000. Up to 90% of this cost can be allocated for ‘structure protection’, in other words keeping the homes and businesses of our local communities from turning to ashes. In this near constant battle for survival during fire season, defensible space around your home or domicile can be the deciding factor in whether or not it can be saved, as seen in the below video.