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Knowledge Base: Neck Pain Chiropractor

Are you looking for a neck pain chiropractor? Fast relief from neck pain is easier and more affordable than you think! Keep reading to learn more or schedule your appointment now.
Why is it so easy to hurt your neck?
Your neck consists of 7 small vertebrae that support the full weight of your head, which is roughly 14 to 16 pounds. The neck is meant to be flexible so your head can move, but flexibility makes the neck susceptible to injury, too. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons that stabilize the neck are also vulnerable to injury, which can come from trauma, but is just as likely to occur from a quick turn of the head or from staying in one position too long.
How does chiropractic help relieve neck pain?
Chiropractic care is focused on helping your spine and sciatica stay in optimal alignment, helping to relieve pain and facilitate circulation necessary to keep tissues healthy and to reduce inflammation. By realigning the spine and sciatica, pressures on spinal discs can be relieved and neural pathways between the brain and the nerves in the cervical spine remain optimized.

Chiropractic adjustments may also be combined with deep tissue massage to help provide relief to deep inflammation in soft tissues and release painful trigger points.
What Causes Neck Pain?
Many of our patients who depend on chiropractic treatment have developed neck pain from these causes:
Injuries: Whiplash is the most common cause of neck pain. Symptoms sometimes do not develop for weeks, so don’t assume your neck is healthy if it doesn’t hurt right away. Chiropractic adjustment such as spinal decompression can heal the neck before the injury becomes permanent.
Poor posture: When you are hunched over or bend your head while reading or working, you are at risk for developing neck pain. Our specialists help you improve posture to prevent neck problems.
Bone misalignment: The stress of supporting your head can lead to disjointed bones in the neck. Like other neck injuries, early chiropractic treatment will help prevent damage from getting worse over time.
Disc herniation: When the disc between spinal bones bulges out, it no longer cushions the bone, and damage to the spine and/or nerves occurs. A herniated disc or a bulging disc is more common in the lower back, but may result from neck injuries.
Osteoarthritis and degenerative disorders: A variety of health conditions affect the cervical spine and lead to neck pain.
Can Neck Pain Be Caused By Sitting For Too Long?
Yes! Some forms of neck pain can be attributed to poor posture and sitting for long periods of time. That is mostly true when the head is forward and the eyes are facing down. Ergonomics is a proactive way to help prevent neck pain from occurring and provide fast relief. Posture training is also a proactive way to reduce the strain on your neck so that there are fewer painful episodes. If you have upper back pain this is a great remedy to relieve that as well.

Most individuals suffering from neck problems will find chiropractic care extremely beneficial. Unlike prescription drugs, most chiropractic procedures address the cause of the majority of neck problems (such as a pinched nerve), not simply the symptoms.

Best of all, chiropractic care is safe, natural, and noninvasive.

When we say no side effects allowed we mean it!

What Chiropractic Treatment Will You Receive?

During your first visit, you will receive a thorough examination, and you may receive x-rays or other diagnostic tests (depending on your history and condition). We will then work with you to develop a schedule of neck and shoulder adjustments designed to improve range of motion and reduce pain and stiffness.

If you are new to chiropractic care and worry about an already fragile neck, talk to us about your concerns. Research shows that spinal manipulation results in significant improvement of neck pain, so that’s reassuring. There are also gentle techniques our team can use if you cannot tolerate traditional techniques.
Chiropractic Adjustments Can Restore The Proper Alignment of Your Neck
Chiropractic adjustments are incredibly effective for restoring proper spinal alignment and for relieving chronic neck pain, which is critical when the cause of pain is due to a pinched nerve or spinal subluxation in the stiff neck area.

Regular adjustments are also recommended for neck pain treatment and prevention of future injury. A healthy neck and spine translates to improved overall health, since the spine acts as the body’s control panel. All of the body’s organs will benefit from optimum spinal health.
Is There Anything I Can Do To Help Prevent Neck Pain In The First Place?
Yes, there are several things you can do to avoid developing painful symptoms in and around your neck and shoulders. Some important steps include being active, supporting your neck when sitting or lying down, employing ergonomic design principle when positioning your computer screen or keyboard, performing gentle stretching and investing in a good mattress and pillow. Having routine chiropractic adjustments from a neck pain specialist is also important to address spinal alignment issues before they become major problems.