President Trump, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer clashed Tuesday over funding for the border wall, an explosive Oval Office encounter that ended with Trump declaring he’d be proud to shut down the government to get what he wants.

    Washington, DC, USA

    The Supreme Court Monday rebuffed efforts by states to block funding to Planned Parenthood. It left in place two lower court opinions that said that states violate federal law when they terminate Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood affiliates who offer preventive care for low income women.

    Washington, DC, USA

    As The Washington Post’s Joe Heim and Kristine Phillips reported, the killing “culminated a dark 24 hours in this quiet college town” — and Cantwell was mostly in the middle of it. A photographer for The Post captured him sitting on a curb, being tended to by police after being hit with tear gas. A year later, with Fields’s trial now over, Cantwell went on the social media platform Gab, known for its far-right user base, and aimed his words at “Charlottesville and the broad Left.”

    Charlottesville, VA, USA
  • 4) COHEN DETAILS REVEALED – Mueller Investigation

    Michael Cohen’s help is detailed in the memo from Robert Mueller, who is heading the probe into alleged Russian collusion with the Trump team. The memo is mainly to guide sentencing for crimes Cohen has admitted.

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 5) Starlink: Battle for Atlas Review

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an action-adventure space exploration game featuring 5 unique characters and one guest character brought in through Ubisoft’s partnership with Nintendo—Fox McCloud and his team Starfox.

    United States

    The executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party says he supports a new election if allegations of fraud in the 9th Congressional District race are proven true and it impacted the outcome of the race. Dallas Woodhouse claimed to CNN’s Drew Griffin he was so upset after watching CNN’s coverage of the controversy last night, he vomited.

    Bladen County, NC, USA

    Congress approved a two-week extension on Thursday for a key government funding deadline, setting up a showdown over spending just days before Christmas that could trigger a partial government shutdown later this month.

    Washington, DC, USA

    What’s worse than a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking? Perhaps a place in the unemployment line. A substitute teacher who recently told first-graders that Santa Claus is not real is no longer working for a New Jersey school district, the superintendent said Tuesday.

    Montville, NJ, USA

    America may get its most intimate look yet inside Robert Mueller’s secretive Russia investigation in the next four days, with a series of disclosures that have the potential to be greatly damaging for President Donald Trump.

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 10) REMEMBERING BUSH, Post-Mortem Recollections

    As the years pass, we edit and compress our memories of presidents and other national figures until only a few salient impressions endure. Most of what we once knew recedes into our cerebral hard disk. That may be especially true for one-term presidents, often remembered more for what turned them out of office than for what got them there. Would this apply to the one-term president who died Friday, George H.W. Bush? His name was attached to some of the nation’s top positions for more than two decades even before his namesake son won the White House twice.

    Washington, DC, USA

    Less than a day after a 7.0 earthquake jolted Anchorage and the rest of southcentral Alaska, nearly all systems have been restored, with much of the damage remaining in transportation infrastructure, according to local officials. “The Glenn Highway will continue to be the biggest challenge and the area of greatest concern for us,” Anchorage Municipal Manager Bill Falsey told reporters on Saturday.

    Anchorage, AK, USA

    Several children at a Florida middle school overdosed on THC-laced gummies after a 12-year-old student handed them out in class, authorities said. Polk County Sheriff’s Office officials said the boy somehow acquired a package of gummies containing 100 mg of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main mind-altering ingredient in cannabis, and gave it to six other seventh-graders during gym class at Mulberry Middle School on Thursday.

    500 SE Dr M.L.K. Jr Ave, Mulberry, FL 33860, USA

    A banner week for Robert Mueller’s investigation got even bigger on Thursday morning, when Michael Cohen, the former personal lawyer for President Trump, entered a plea deal and cooperation agreement with the special counsel. The deal may be among the biggest news in the nearly 18-month investigation: Not only does it open the door to more bombshells in the coming weeks, but it also ratchets up the pressure on Congress to protect Mr. Mueller.

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 14) NO MORE CIVIL FORFEITURE, Supreme Court to Decide

    On Wednesday the Supreme Court will hear arguments over whether the Eighth Amendment’s protection against “excessive fines” applies to civil asset forfeiture and whether states are obligated to abide by that Constitutional guarantee. The case was brought by 37-year-old Tyson Timbs of Marion, Ind., whose Land Rover SUV was seized by local authorities in 2013 after his arrest for selling $260 of heroin.

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 15) Che Fico – San Francisco’s HOTTEST New Hot Spot

    Don’t sigh. When I say “hot spot,” I mean it in the very best way… I promise that no rolling of the eyes is necessary.

    838 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117, USA
  • 16) California Judge to PG&E – Explain Your Role in WILDFIRES

    A U.S. judge overseeing a criminal case against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. asked the utility Tuesday to explain any role it may have played in a massive wildfire that destroyed a Northern California town and killed nearly 90 people.

    California, USA
  • 17) ASSAULT & HARASSMENT Allegations Against Gay DNC Chair

    Eric C. Bauman has been a contentious figure from the start as leader of the California Democratic Party. He won after a tough fight with a more liberal competitor — there were shouts of “not my chairman” as he gave his victory speech. And he has been criticized as being an old-school political boss, and as too mainstream for a party moving to the left.

    California, USA
  • 18) FLASH POINT – Russia & Ukraine Come to Blows

    Russia’s seizure of three Ukrainian naval vessels near Crimea is an “outrageous violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory,” says U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, calling it “another reckless Russian escalation” in a deadly and years-long conflict.

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 19) THE END! Latest Climate Report Ignored

    A massive report issued by the Trump administration on Friday emphasizes the dire threat that human-caused global warming poses to the United States and its citizens.

    United States
  • 20) EYE OF THE STORM? California Extinguishes Wildfires, For Now…

    The Camp Fire — the deadliest, most destructive blaze in California history that has killed 85 people, destroyed 14,000 residences and charred an area the size of Chicago — has been fully contained, authorities announced Sunday.

    California, USA

    The Trump administration has won the support of Mexico’s incoming government for a plan to remake U.S. border policy by requiring asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their claims move through U.S. courts, according to Mexican officials and senior members of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s transition team.

    United States
  • 22) MOM’S TEARFUL GOODBYE & Latest Wildfire Updates

    Crews battling the devastating Camp Fire, which is now 90 percent contained, had some help Thursday from the rain. However, the weather is also hampering teams searching for remains of people in rubble as hundreds of evacuees are spending Thanksgiving in a Walmart parking lot.

    California, USA

    Fewer U.S. women are having abortions today than at any time since Roe v. Wade, according to new government figures released Wednesday.

    United States

    Millions of Americans in the Northeast and Middle Atlantic states will wake up to the coldest Thanksgiving in more than a century, with high winds even threatening the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, meteorologists said Wednesday.

    United States
  • 25) RAIN & WILDFIRES, Hope for California?

    Just a week and a half after deadly wildfires erupted in California, devouring iconic landmarks in the state’s south and effectively wiping out an entire town to the north, there’s a ray of hope. The Woolsey Fire is nearing full containment around Malibu, while Butte County firefighters are steadily reining in the Camp Fire and may get help in the form of a rain-heavy forecast.

    United States
  • 26) NO US RESPONSE to SAUDI ARABIA, Trump Says

    President Donald Trump signaled Tuesday that he will not take strong action against Saudi Arabia or its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the death and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

    Washington, DC, USA

    The Nissan chairman, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested on Monday after an internal company investigation found that he had underreported his compensation to the Japanese financial authorities for several years.

    United States
  • 28) DAD MURDERS WIFE & CHILDREN, 5X Life, No Parole

    Calling it perhaps “the most inhumane and vicious crime that I have handled out of the thousands of cases that I have seen,” Judge Marcelo Kopcow handed down five life sentences — three consecutive and two concurrent — with no possibility of parole, in the deaths of Watts’ daughters and pregnant wife.

    Frederick, CO, USA
  • 29) KHASHOGGI MURDER, CIA Points Finger at SALMAN

    While in Papua New Guinea on a foreign trip, Pence said the US was “committed to ensuring that all of those responsible” for Khashoggi’s death are held “accountable.”

    Washington, DC, USA
  • 30) WORLD’S WORST AIR QUALITY, Welcome to California!

    Air quality network Purple Air said on Thursday the air is now worse than smoggy cities in India and China. Schools have cancelled classes, flights have been delayed, and internet searches for smoke masks are soaring. At least 63 people have died in the Camp Fire – the state’s deadliest and most destructive blaze.

    California, USA
  • 31) MORE COVERUPS? Saudi’s Seek Death Penalty in Khashoggi Murder

    Saudi prosecutors said Thursday they would seek the death penalty for five people allegedly involved in the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. A total of 11 people were charged, the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s office said, adding that the five people facing capital punishment were directly involved in “ordering and executing the crime.”

    United States
  • 32) RAVAGED BY FIRE, California Continues to Struggle!

    As the death toll from wildfires ravaging both ends of California climbed on Sunday, powerful winds swept through the state, stretching firefighting resources to the limit. At least 31 people have died in the fires: 29 in Northern California’s Camp fire and two in Southern California’s Woolsey fire.

    California, USA

    Whether you leave home at the crack of dawn, scarfing down a protein bar out the door, or routinely relax over the morning paper in your breakfast nook nursing a bowl of Cheerios, how you greet the day can be any way and anything you want. But, what about going out for breakfast? I’m not talking about running into your corner bodega for an egg sandwich on the way to work. I mean, the whole thing, with loved ones, probably from out of town, and a full sit-down commitment.

    1701 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

    The counting is over. Now, the recounting begins. More than three days after the polls closed in Florida, the secretary of state announced on Saturday afternoon that the razor-thin races for governor, senator and agriculture commissioner will be reviewed in a series of recounts.

    Florida, USA

    A federal grand jury in New York City on Friday returned a 30-count indictment against mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc. Sayoc was arrested on October 26 in Florida and is accused of sending at least 16 mail bombs to several targets, including CNN, former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. None of the devices detonated and no one was injured.

    Miami, FL, USA
  • 36) 12 DEAD, GRIZZLY SHOOTING in Thousand Oaks

    The former Marine accused of gunning down 12 people at a California bar hosting a college student night may have been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, authorities said Thursday.

    Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
  • 37) 1ST MUSLIM WOMAN in Congress

    Former Michigan state Rep. Rashida Tlaib has become one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, after winning her race for Michigan’s 13th Congressional District on Tuesday.

    Detroit, MI, USA
  • 38) DISEASED CHILDREN! Measles Return to America

    New York City’s Health Department is warning of an outbreak of measles in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community and calling on parents to have their children vaccinated. The department said Friday that there are 11 new cases of measles in the Orthodox enclave, bringing the number of children who have been recently diagnosed with measles in Williamsburg and Borough Park to 17.

    Brooklyn, NY, USA
  • 39) GIRL SCOUTS SLAUGHTERED in Hit and Run, Teen HIGH OFF Air Duster

    A western Wisconsin community on Sunday was grieving the deaths of three Girl Scouts and an adult who were collecting trash along a rural highway when police say a pickup truck veered off the road and hit them before speeding away.

    Chippewa Falls, WI 54729, USA
  • 40) FIGHTING DIRTY, Georgia Repubs Cry HACKING, Dems CALL BS!

    Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate in Tuesday’s hotly contested gubernatorial election, has opened a probe of the state Democratic Party over what his office alleged on Sunday was a failed attempt to hack voter registration systems.

    Georgia, USA
  • 41) RACIST ROBOCALLS in Georgia Midterms

    A white supremacist group that targeted Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum with racist robocalls is now targeting Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

    Georgia, USA
  • 42) END of IRAN DEAL? Trump Administration to Reinstate ALL SANCTIONS!

    The Trump administration is to reinstate all US sanctions on Iran removed under the 2015 nuclear deal. The White House said it was “the toughest sanctions regime ever imposed on Iran” and targeted Iran’s energy, shipping and banking sectors.

    United States
  • 43) Mass Walkout Over Sexual Harassment at Google

    Thousands of Google employees and contractors around the globe—many of them women—briefly walked off the job Thursday to protest Google’s handling of sexual harassment claims and other workplace issues, and to demand more transparency around harassment incidents and pay levels at the company.

    Mountain View, CA, USA
  • 44) UNBELIEVABLE! Eagle Scouts Plan to Stop SCHOOL SHOOTERS

    An Eagle Scout project could help keep students safe if an active shooter is on campus. It’s the last thing anyone wants to think about, but Scott Keele has a plan to help keep students safe at Folsom High School.

    Folsom, CA, USA
  • 45) LATEST SCHOOL SHOOTING – Mathews NC High School Teen Slayed

    A 16-year-old North Carolina high school student is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a classmate Monday morning at Butler High School in Matthews, WSOC-TV reported.

    Matthews, NC, USA
  • 46) Dozens of Volcanoes Threaten American Way of Life

    Government scientists are classifying 18 U.S. volcanoes as a “very high threat” because of what’s been happening inside them and how close they are to people.

    California, USA
  • 47) Google Reels from Latest Harassment Claim

    At Google’s weekly staff meeting on Thursday, the top question that employees voted to ask Larry Page, a co-founder, and Sundar Pichai, the chief executive, was one about sexual harassment.

    Mountain View, CA, USA
  • 48) SYNAGOGUE SHOOTING in Pittsburgh

    Authorities could bring criminal charges against the suspected gunman in the fatal shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue as soon as today, Scott W. Brady, the United States attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, said in a news conference.

    Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • 49) TRAGIC SUICIDE of CHP Officer in Patrol Car

    A California Highway Patrol officer took his own life while on duty in his patrol car on Tuesday night in south Sacramento, the CHP said in a statement.

    Sacramento, CA, USA
  • 50) ECCENTRIC, RICH Alleged MURDERER to Stand Trial

    Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir who was the subject of a television documentary series, was ordered Thursday to stand trial for the murder of his close friend in Los Angeles 18 years ago.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 51) RAMPANT CORRUPTION in California FOR-PROFIT Colleges

    For students attending for-profit colleges in California, state oversight is supposed to be a safeguard in an industry plagued by allegations of predatory marketing, with loan default rates up to four times those of public two-year schools. As the Trump administration pulls back from regulating the sector, consumer advocates argue, the states’ role becomes even more critical.

    California, USA
  • 52) Nazi Crash Plane in LA Hills

    This afternoon, what appeared to be a vintage plane painted in Nazi insignia crashed onto the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills, a city in Los Angeles County. According to the Los Angeles Times, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department “said he did not know whether the pilot was able to safely exit the plane himself or had been removed by rescuers.” No injuries have been reported.

    Agoura Hills, CA, USA
  • 53) Shooting at University of Utah

    Police are responding to a shooting on the University of Utah campus Monday night.
    An alert was sent out asking the campus community to “secure in place.”

    Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • 54) Plane Lanes on Interstate – DRAMATIC FOOTAGE!

    The 25-year-old flight instructor being hailed as a hero for safely landing a plane on Interstate 8 in El Cajon Friday morning is a former San Diego State baseball player, a university spokesperson confirmed.

    San Diego, CA, USA
  • 55) NEAR DEATH Video – Man Rescued in Big Sur

    California Highway Patrol’s Coastal Air Operations unit came to the rescue of a young man who had been swept off a rock and into the ocean along the Central Coast.

    Big Sur, CA 93920, USA
  • 56) Polio Epidemic Headed for California – Could it be True?

    There are now four suspected cases of the rare polio-like disease, acute flaccid myelitis, under investigation in California, according to the state’s Department of Public Health. The mysterious disease, also known as AFM, causes sudden and unexplained paralysis, usually in children.

    California, USA
  • 57) Names of Cops in Shooting of Moorhouse Grad Released

    The names of the five California police officers involved in the Oct. 3 death of a 36-year-old unarmed black men have been released.

    San Mateo, CA, USA
  • 58) Loyal Service Dog Stolen from Visalia Front Yard

    It’s been one week since she went missing, and 19-year-old Carmen Ponce remains determined to find her service dog Remy, an 11-month-old Husky.

    Visalia, CA, USA
  • 59) From Celebrity Surgeon to Accused Serial Rapist

    Prosecutors in Southern California had said they believed there were more victims when they charged a couple last month with drugging and sexually assaulting two women the couple had met on social outings.

    Newport Beach, CA, USA
  • 60) LA Seeks to Ban Straws Permanently

    Following California’s recent move requiring full-service restaurants to distribute plastic drinking straws only by request beginning in January, two Los Angeles city council members are seeking to craft a local ordinance that would take the restriction even farther, ultimately banishing single-use plastic straws from the city by 2021.

    Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 61) Backpage.com Shutdown Forces Sex Workers Back onto SF Streets

    The government shutdown of Backpage.com this year sought to curtail the type of sex-for-sale classified ads that made the company infamous. Months later, though, the closure has prompted an increase in sex trafficking on San Francisco streets.

    San Francisco, CA, USA
  • 62) Davis Girl Bakes Grandpa into Cookies, Shares with Class

    A high school student mixed her cremated grandfather’s ashes into homemade sugar cookies and shared them with several classmates, police in Northern California said Wednesday.

    Davis, CA, USA
  • 63) Uber ‘We Want Local’

    Uber has a message for Oakland: It wants to be a good neighbor. The ride-hailing company is 18 months away from moving into its East Bay headquarters in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, but it is reaching out to locals about jobs and business opportunities at the site.

    Oakland, CA, USA
  • 64) 100+ Massage Parlors Engaged in Prostitution, Mass Closures Follow

    More than a hundred massage parlors in San Jose, several of which were found to be engaged in prostitution, are shutting down after a citywide crackdown, according to a city report.

    San Jose, CA, USA
  • 65) Elderly Woman Gunned Down in Home – Stocktons 27th Death of the Year

    An elderly woman was killed inside a Stockton home and her roommate was wounded. Police said Gloria Navarro, 69, was killed and her roommate was rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Right now, officers are working to figure out what sparked the violence.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 66) Strip Mall Evacuated: Modesto Donut Shop Fire

    A strip mall on Kansas Avenue was evacuated Monday afternoon when a fire broke out at a doughnut shop there. The fire started in the exhaust system in the kitchen of Donut Deli, said Modesto Fire Chief Alan Ernst.

    Modesto, CA, USA
  • 67) Sunnyvale City Council Discusses Rent Control

    With the Sunnyvale City Council election looming, housing affordability became the key topic at a candidates forum Wednesday night where more than 100 residents turned out to hear where the rivals stood on issues from rent control to mobile home parks.

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 68) Civil Rights Groups Threaten to Sue Sunnyvale

    A coalition of civil rights organizations this week informed Sunnyvale officials they’d better move quickly to change the way City Council members are elected or risk getting sued under the California Voting Rights Act.

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 69) Meero Announces Partnership with Matterport

    The worldwide leader in photography, Meero, has announced a partnership with the leading immersive media company, Matterport. The collaboration will make Matterport’s 3D virtual tours and VR cloud-hosted technology accessible to Meero’s 30,000 customers across 100 countries.

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 70) 600 Guns Turned Over During Buyback

    Almost 600 firearms were turned over to law enforcement during a gun buyback event in Sunnyvale on Saturday, public safety officials said today. The event yielded 265 handguns, 182 rifles, 98 shotguns and 23 assault weapons, 400 of which were submitted in the first two hours of the event.

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 71) Sunnyvale Hiker Killed While Taking Selfie

    A Sunnyvale woman who was hiking a National Park in Michigan died after falling down a cliff right after taking a selfie of herself, according to multiple media reports.

    Sunnyvale, CA, USA
  • 72) Measure A Didn’t Pay for New City Hall

    While funds from Measure A have contributed somewhat to the purchase of Stockton’s new City Hall, officials say the revenue from the 2013 ballot measure was not directly involved with the transaction.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 73) Emergency Food Bank CEO Fired After 5 Months

    Rick Brewer was dismissed Thursday as chief executive officer of the Stockton/San Joaquin Emergency Food Bank, just a few days more than five months after he was named to the post.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 74) Historic Railroad Depot Goes Up In Flames

    One of the few remaining remnants of the historic 1910 Western Pacific Railroad depot went up in flames Thursday afternoon on Main and Union streets in Stockton.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 75) Silvia Associate Hit with New Felony Charges

    Former Mayor Anthony Silva and longtime associate Sharon Simas are facing felony embezzlement, money-laundering and conflict-of-interest charges, according to a document filed at San Joaquin County Superior Court by the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 76) Officers Raid Marijuana Grow at White Slough

    Authorities late last month arrested a Lodi man after the raid of an illegal marijuana grow in an area of the White Slough Wildlife Area in San Joaquin County.

    Stockton, CA, USA
  • 77) Pinecrest: Loggers and Environmentalists Find Common Ground

    Ryan Zinke knew exactly whom to blame for the catastrophic wildfires that have scorched California and the West this year. Touring the scarred neighborhoods of Redding in August, President Donald Trump’s interior secretary blasted “special interest” environmental groups for blocking logging projects he said would have made forests safer.

    Modesto, CA, USA
  • 78) 7th Annual Peace Officer Memorial Run

    Participants in the seventh annual Peace Officer Memorial Run carried with them personal reasons — a student honoring his grandpa, a cop battling back from a shooting and car crash — for turning out on a cool, windy Sunday morning to do a half marathon or 5K.

    Modesto, CA, USA
  • 79) Head-On Near Westley: Two Killed, Three Hospitalized

    Two men were killed and three people hospitalized after a head-on collision on the Delta-Mendota Canal bridge near Westley early Friday evening.

    Modesto, CA, USA
  • 80) Modesto Nears Alternative to Beard Brook Homeless Camp

    Modesto expects to open a new location for the homeless people camping in Beard Brook Park within a couple of weeks, a city official said Friday.

    Modesto, CA, USA
  • 81) Authorities Identify Woman Fatally Shot in Modesto

    Police Thursday morning confirmed the identity of the woman who was shot Monday morning on Kerr Avenue in Modesto and died in the parking lot of the downtown McDonald’s. Family members already had identified her on social media as Darlene Danielle Martinez, 34.

    Modesto, CA, USA