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Che Fico – San Francisco’s HOTTEST New Hot Spot

by | Nov 27, 2018 | Business, Entertainment, News | 0 comments

By Veronica Singh, Taste Illustrated

Don’t sigh.
When I say “hot spot,” I mean it in the very best way…
I promise that no rolling of the eyes is necessary.

In a most refreshing turn from all the customary entrapments that usually go along with being the most popular new spot in town, you can rest assured that you will find none of them here.

Pretentious? Not a bit.
Astronomical prices? Negative.
Uncomfortable coolness from staff? On the contrary.

Instead, what you’ll find is comfort Italian with Jewish and rustic influences, in a see-and-be-seen setting that is actually comfortable, regardless.

The staff were warm and a downright pleasure to interact with on both the nights I visited. And as an added bonus, music is heavily integrated here, giving your restaurant dinner more of a dinner-party-with-friends quality. This aspect only succeeds in making the Che Fico experience that much more charming and memorable.

Be forewarned that this kitchen is all about comfort, which so often goes hand-in-hand with decadence.
In other words, no diets, please.

The chopped duck liver was my favorite starter. Michael Bauer (former food critic for the SF Chronicle) and I completely agree on this.

Order any pasta. I mean it. The tagliatelle al ragu was perfectly al dente, dreamily creamy, and tasted like I was back in Italy. And the more rustic pappardelle al ragu bolognese succeeded in transforming the quintessential red sauce dish into a purely pleasurable one. They’ve nailed pasta in such a way that could (and should) make Restaurant SPQR on Fillmore jealous.

The pineapple chili pizza has developed a following in almost zero time flat.

The celebrity factor…
Gwyneth Paltrow dined here when she was in town for one of her famous GOOP events. And she loved it. It was actually this fact that propelled me to reserve a table here ASAP. Which meant that my first reservation here was for 11:00…PM.

Ok; now you can sigh.

Che Fico
838 Divisadero St.
San Francisco, CA 94117
Alamo Square

Tuesday thru Thursday 5:30-11:00.
Friday & Saturday 5:30-Midnight.
Closed Sunday & Monday