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by | Feb 21, 2019 | Breaking News, Business, Crime, News, Traffic & Roads | 0 comments

A 32-year-old mother was killed and the rest of her family was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after a driver deliberately plowed into them outside a convenience store in a northern New York City suburb, CBS New York reports. Investigators said 35-year-old Jason Mendez, of nearby Washingtonville, N.Y., intentionally drove into the two adults and six children, including one in a stroller, in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in the Rockland County town of Haverstraw following an argument.

After initially striking the family, police said, Mendez backed up and hit them again.

Mendez drove into the front of the store during one of the two approaches, authorities said.

Police said the initial argument may have stemmed from the husband asking Mendez to not blow cigarette smoke near his children.

Police said Mendez was brandishing a knife when officers arrived at the scene and, when he refused to drop it, officers Tasered him.

A mangled baby carriage remained at the scene as witness told WNBC-TV they saw a woman lying on the ground injured and heard a baby crying.

All eight family members were hospitalized. The mother was later pronounced dead. The 35-year-old father and six children, ranging from two to 10 years old, were treated for non-life threatening injuries, WABC-TV reported. Police have yet to release the family’s identity.

“He didn’t say anything initially to the police officers,” said Haverstraw Police Capt. Martin Lund. “He refused to drop the knife. Then he was tazed at the scene and taken down.”

Mendez was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and seven counts of attempted murder, WABC-TV reported. He pleaded not guilty to all charges at his arraignment Wednesday night.

Haverstraw Police Captain Martin Lund called the deadly confrontation “a tragedy.”

“It doesn’t happen very frequently in our community,” he said. “It is a tragedy that happened today.”

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