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by | Nov 9, 2018 | Crime, Current Events, Government, News, Politics | 0 comments

A federal grand jury in New York City on Friday returned a 30-count indictment against mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc.

Sayoc was arrested on October 26 in Florida and is accused of sending at least 16 mail bombs to several targets, including CNN, former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. None of the devices detonated and no one was injured.

The charges include the use of a weapon of mass destruction, interstate transportation and receipt of explosives, threatening interstate communications, and the illegal mailing of explosives. All counts as follows:

  • 5 counts of “Use of a weapon of mass destruction”
  • 5 counts of “Interstate transportation and receipt of explosives”
  • 5 counts of “Threatening interstate communications”
  • 5 counts of “Illegal mailing of explosives”
  • 5 counts of “Use of explosives to commit a felony”
  • 5 counts of “Use of a destructive device during and in furtherance of a crime of violence”

Sayoc, a 56-year-old former stripper and pizza delivery driver who lived in a white van festooned with right-wing political images supporting Trump and attacking his critics, was arrested in Florida on Oct 26 following an intense manhunt. He is being held without bail.

Friday’s indictment accuses Sayoc of sending improvised explosive devices to five people in New York: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom Trump defeated in the 2016 presidential election; billionaire investor and Democratic donor George Soros; former Central Intelligence Agency directors John Brennan and James Clapper; and actor Robert De Niro.

Authorities had previously linked Sayoc to more than a dozen mail bombs around the country. Other targets included former US presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, former vice-president Joe Biden, and Democratic US Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Kamala Harris of California.

None of the devices exploded before being intercepted, and no one has been injured.

Public records showed Sayoc, a registered Republican, had been arrested numerous times over the years, including one case in which he was accused of threatening to bomb a power utility. His social media accounts are filled with anti-Democrat sentiments and racist diatribes.

In a letter to ABC News, Sayoc’s mother, Madeline Sayoc, wrote that she had unsuccessfully tried to get him treatment for what she said was long-standing mental illness.

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