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Names of Cops in Shooting of Moorhouse Grad Released

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Crime, Current Events, Government, News | 0 comments

The names of the five California police officers involved in the Oct. 3 death of a 36-year-old unarmed black men have been released.

According to reports, Chinedu Valentine Okobi was stopped by officers because he was dodging in and out of traffic on El Camino Real.

After being pulled over, one of the officers deployed their Taser gun on Okobi, which ultimately led to his death. The names of the officers are Alyssa Lorenzatti, Joshua Wang, Bryan Watt, John DeMartini, and Sgt. David Weidner.

When a deputy got out of the car Okobi allegedly “immediately assaulted” him.

“They were attempting to get control of him as he resisted, and during the course of that a Taser was discharged,” District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. “At this point, we’re still investigating how many times.”

The district attorney’s office is also trying to find out if any of the officers used a Taser gun on Okobi who was reportedly unarmed. “We have no information, no belief in anything of there being any weapon on his part,” Wagstaffe said.

After his arrest, Okobi stopped breathing and was rushed to a local hospital where he later died.

Okobi was a spoken word poet who began his foray into creative writing when he was he 7-year-old. His personal site shows that he’s a Bay Area native born to Nigerian parents. Okobi began recording music when he was 17 years old and released his debut album, Peace, Love  and Poetry.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday (Oct. 19) but won’t be made public until the district attorney’s office makes a final report.

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