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by | Feb 1, 2019 | Business, Crime, Government, News | 0 comments

Oscars season is fast approaching, but this possible bid for Best Actor is unlikely to trouble the Academy.

A New Jersey man has been charged with insurance fraud after a surveillance camera caught him throwing ice on the floor at his workplace and seemingly staging a dramatic fall.


The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office released the footage of Alexander Goldinsky dumping a cup of ice onto the floor of his workplace break room. After dumping the ice and then throwing the cup in the trash, the 57-year-old turns and walks over to an ice cube, steps on it and “falls” to the floor. He laid flat on his back and waited to be discovered, CBS New York reports.

He then filed a false insurance claim for the ambulance service and treatment he received at a local hospital for his injuries, the office said.

Goldinsky, an independent contractor from Randolph, New Jersey, was subcontracted to the Woodbridge company when he staged the incident, the department added.

Goldinsky was arrested on January 15. Prosecutors charged him with insurance fraud and theft by deception, saying the fall was no accident, according to CBS New York.

CBS New York spoke with Goldinsky after his arrest. He was released with a summons until he faces a judge in February. “Yes, I was brought to the police department,” he told CBS New York. “I didn’t do it, it was a mistake.”

Investigators say the footage speaks for itself. After the incident, Goldinsky filed a claim for an ambulance and treatment at the hospital for the injuries he claims he sustained.

“Yes, I was brought to the police department,” Goldinsky told CBS2 New York on Thursday. “I didn’t do it, it was a mistake.”

“Fraudulent claims cost everyone and we will aggressively prosecute those who illegally manipulate the system,” prosecutor Andrew C. Carey said in a statement.

Prosecutors said this is still an active investigation, and they are asking anyone with information to call them. The prosecution of insurance fraud is part of a statewide crackdown by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal, officials said, according to CBS New York.

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