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Knowledge Base: Personal Injury Chiropractor

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3 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Despite the many types of personal injuries, all personal injury claims have one thing in common: they are accidents that happen due to the negligence of someone else.

Beyond treating the serious injury, there are three ways that a chiropractor can help with personal injury claims.
1) Thorough Documentation of Chiropractic Treatment Improves Your Chances For A Full And Favorable Settlement
Whether you are injured in a car accident or suffer childbirth injuries to your pelvis and need chiropractic care, you will want the defendant to pay for all of these medical expenses. However, because trials and settlements take time, you may need to seek out chiropractic care before the case goes to trial. Just because you received medical care does not mean the jury will deem it as medically necessary. A experienced chiropractor can treat you AND fulfill the necessary steps to help you receive a favorable financial settlement.

Personal injury claims are not likely to be settled without the proper documentation showing that your chiropractic care was a reasonable and necessary medical expense.

Detailed medical charts listing the extent and severity of each and every symptom are necessary. This is especially important because not every symptom appears immediately after an accident. Even if you felt fine after an accident, the proper documentation connects your injury to the accident.

Any and all treatment provided to the patient must be documented. It is not sufficient for insurance companies just to see that chiropractic services were rendered. It must be clear that services were medically necessarily as a direct result of the personal injury, and detailed records do just that.

Accurate and detailed billing information, including the date, cost of each treatment, and office visit must be provided. Accurate billing shows that services rendered were related to the injury and medical care was sought in a timely fashion.
2) Working with Insurance Companies
Sustaining an injury is never pleasant, but dealing with the logistics of insurance and receiving treatment quickly is just additional stress. Working with chiropractors experienced with personal injury claims can help relieve the stress of worrying about out of pocket expenses. Our team works with insurance companies to make sure that the patient’s care is the first priority, not billing headaches. Our office bills the insurance company directly. Just be sure to bring the police report and the insurance information of the at fault driver. Our team also logs detailed notes about all injuries and visits for any future needs.
3) Chiropractic Counsel Leads To More Timely Claims
Any injury you sustain due to the negligence of another is considered a personal injury. This can include medical malpractice, product defect injuries, or workplace injuries.

However, not all of those injuries are best treated by a chiropractor.

For instance, a surgical error to the skin is best treated by a plastic surgeon, but a surgical error to the musculoskeletal system should be treated by a chiropractor.

A personal injury chiropractor can help your claim by advising which, if any, of your injuries can be treated and what the best course of action is.

It’s important to know that even if you do not feel pain immediately, it is still vital to check in with your chiropractor. The extent of certain injuries is not always apparent, and immediate care prevents delays in your healing as well as your claim.

If you use pain medication, you may be masking an injury to misaligned vertebrae. Seeking counsel within 24 to 72 hours after an accident improves the outcome of your healing as well as ensuring that a timely claim is made.

Remember that if you wait too long and realize too late that you need chiropractic care, the statute of limitations prohibits you from filing a claim.
Why See A Chiropractic Doctor After A Personal Injury Accident?

The cost of treatment should never be a factor or sway your decision to get the medical help you need for your injuries. You should also never be held responsible for your medical bills when you did not cause the accident.

Choosing the right chiropractor for treatment can influence your physical wellbeing, financial compensation, and overall bodily injury claim.

Chiropractic Doctors are by far the most commonly sought after by victims involved in personal injury accidents.

Chiropractors treat over 33% of all accident victims, which is appropriate because most accidents result in injuries like whiplash, soft tissue injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and cervical, thoracic and lumbar strains and sprains.

Chiropractors treat more patients than any other specialty and is the only profession trained specifically to treat these types of soft tissue injuries.

Common Types of Personal Injury Accidents

Just a few of the types of accidents that cause injuries include:
Car Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Slip Trip and Fall Accident
Work Place Accident
We Treat Pain, Restore Mobility, Strengthen and Stabilize
Many victims experience some type of injury after a personal injury accident. Even if your injuries do not present initial symptoms of pain, a chiropractic doctor can help you to restore your mobility, strengthen your muscles, and stabilize your body to avoid worsening any underlying issues.

The most commonly affected areas of the body are the neck and spine.

Victims of personal injury situations often have trouble completing regular daily tasks and find that they simply can’t move the way they used to. Individuals who already suffer from chronic pain and soreness, like the elderly, find their pain symptoms increased, having worsened their predeveloped injuries.

Visiting a chiropractor will improve your joint mobility and decrease the chance of suffering from long term soft tissue damage.

Even victims who do not immediately experience pain should still make it a top priority to make an appointment with a chiropractor after a personal injury accident.

Many injuries do not cause soreness, stiffness, discomfort, or pain until days or even weeks after an accident occurs.

After time has passed, individuals who have still not sought treatment risk forfeiting their right to insurance coverage for injuries and treatments.

Although monetary compensation is nice, the most important thing is always your health. It can’t hurt to make sure you are uninjured and get checked out by an experienced doctor of chiropractic.

Early care and treatment will provide a chance for successful healing and a faster recovery.

Even the most minor types of accidents could cause severe injuries if the body was pushed, stretched, or twisted in an abnormal manner.

Chiropractic treatments are the right next step toward restoring your body to its optimal functioning ability.
Make Sure Your Medical Bills Get Paid
If you are suffering from a personal injury after an accident that was not your fault, choosing the right chiropractor for treatment can highly influence the outcome of your case and your monetary settlement.

Be sure you are obtaining fair compensation for your injuries and that all of your medical bills and treatments are covered by the at fault person’s insurance.

It is essential to see a chiropractor who handles third party billing and will hold the insurance company liable for medical bills. Also check if they can refer you to an attorney who will fight for your rights. It is important to make sure that your chiropractor will work with multiple personal injury lawyers.

Any professional practice should maintain a list of quality attorneys to refer their patients to.

This will allow you to have options and talk to as many injury lawyers as you like before you decide on one. You should never feel rushed or forced to go with an accident attorney of their choosing.

At our office, we know the attorneys we recommend are reputable and will always do everything in their power to get results for their clients.
The Right Medical Treatment Increases The Settlement Value Of Your Injury Claim
You should always feel the doctor has taken the time to know what happened to you in your accident and how it has affected you physically.

They will then create a specialized treatment plan to help you heal quickly and correctly.

Additionally, the type of medical treatment you receive, along with the duration of treatment will play an important role in how the insurance company values your injury claim.

Our experienced team of doctors will fully assess your injuries and create a personalized care and treatment plan just for you. With the use of spinal adjustments, they will restore your muscles and spine to their fully functioning ability.
Will Your Personal Injury Claim Cover Chiropractic Care?
If your neck, back, or spine was injured in a car wreck and you have made a personal injury claim, the insurance company of the responsible party is obligated to pay all medical costs.

When an injured victim files a personal injury claim against the liable party, the cost of the medical care and other necessary expenses is included on the plaintiff’s damage award.

Seeking chiropractic treatment after an auto accident or in sudden impact injuries is common and recommended for a fast and natural recovery.

Chiropractic doctors specialize in treating soft tissue injuries such contusions, whiplash, and strains. Other side effects that follow car wreck injuries include chronic pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, shoulder pain, insomnia, vision problems, anxiety and more.

Finding a Rehabilitation and Chiropractic clinic that provides proper accident injury treatment and appropriate documentation for your injuries is extremely important to your claim.

Documentation should include detailed narratives and daily reports that the Insurance companies and attorney’s need for proper resolution of your claim.
Proving Medical Expenses After Suffering Injuries
Typically a defendant who lost is liable for paying all of the plaintiff’s reasonably necessary medical bills related to the accident. As part of proving his or her loss in a case, the plaintiff will submit all of the medical bills they incurred as a result of the injury.

All the same, just because the plaintiff received treatment, including chiropractic treatment, doesn’t necessarily mean the jury will infer the treatment was necessary.
Two aspects that are very crucial in protecting your injury case are:
Documentation of the specific symptoms, the treatment provided, and the costs incurred for each treatment must be plainly laid out in the records and billing.

Having incomplete records could lead to the denial of chiropractic treatment as not reasonably necessary.

If you delay medical care for weeks or even several days after an accident, it will be harder to demonstrate that your injuries were a result of an automotive crash or sudden injury. Quickly receiving medical treatment is not just the best thing for your health, it strengthens your personal injury claim.

In cases that are not easily settled or are appealed, a plaintiff may need to obtain an expert to testify that the kind of medical treatment the plaintiff acquired was necessary to treat his or her injuries.

The defendant can also hire an expert to testify the opposite. Even if expert witnesses are not involved in a case, it is ultimately up to the jury to conclude how much of the plaintiff’s chiropractic expenses were reasonably necessary. Expert witnesses are usually required in wrongful death cases.

Sometimes chiropractic expenses are challenged because they can get quite high, especially if the plaintiff is receiving numerous treatments a week over several months.

In some cases, the jury may be persuaded that some chiropractic treatment was necessary but only require the defendant pay a portion of the total bill.

Although this is rarely the case, chiropractors are better recognized in helping accident victims heal quickly, safely, and more affordably than invasive procedures and costly surgeries.

Chiropractic Health Clinics that specialize in personal injury are well versed in the intricacies of insurance claims and accident litigation. They act as advocates in helping patients get fair compensation from their insurance company for medical bills.
Chiropractic Expenses and Negotiations
Most personal injury claims are settled before ever going to trial. In the majority of cases chiropractic treatment (particularly car accidents) a defendant’s insurance company will negotiate and pay the settlement or trial award.

If a plaintiff is presumed to make a full recovery but has not yet done so, the case may not be fit for settlement until the chiropractor concludes the plaintiff has made the maximum potential recovery.

If you settle and your treatment is not finished, you may be faced with mounting chiropractic bills, and once you accept a settlement you cannot go back and ask for additional compensation. The plaintiff and their car accident lawyer will need to make the judgment call as to accept a settlement that does not cover some or all of the chiropractic treatment or to take their chances in trial.

At our office, we specialize in car accident injuries and physical and financial recovery.

Not only are we the leading local experts in treating injuries associated with car accidents, but we can also refer you to qualified personal injury attorney that can help get you the money you deserve after suffering physical and financial loss.

We will contact the at fault parties insurance company and handle all legal documentation relating to your accident case. This means you can focus on a full and fast recovery. If you have questions regarding your insurance company or how to proceed with proper coverage, call our office now. Our receptionists and medical staff are happy to assist with any questions or concerns.