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Knowledge Base: Shoulder Pain Chiropractor

Are you looking for a shoulder pain chiropractor? We Are Shoulder Pain Specialists! Fast, affordable shoulder pain relief is easier than you may think! Get the relief you deserve by calling our office now or continue reading to learn more.

The shoulder is one of the easiest joints in the body to injure. However early chiropractic treatment can not only help relieve the injury but bring full range of motion back to your shoulder.
What Are The Top Causes Of Shoulder Pain?
The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most unstable joints. The shoulder is surrounded by nerves, tendons, and ligaments that are easily damaged and become a source of shoulder pain.

Some of the most common causes of shoulder pain include:

Rotator cuff tear
Instability due to injury such as dislocated shoulder
Shoulder blade injury
Overuse leading to muscle inflammation
Bursitis or tendonitis, also called impingement syndrome
Ligament injury, called acromio clavicular tear or AC separation
Calcium deposits in the tendons
Frozen shoulder
Referred pain or pain that originates in the neck, back, or internal organs
Sciatica injury
Supraspinatus tear
When Should You See The Chiropractor?
Since shoulder pain is common, it’s good to know when pain needs immediate attention from shoulder pain chiropractor.

If you experience these symptoms, call us to schedule an appointment:
Difficulty holding objects
Reduced arm function, especially if it’s hard to raise your arm
Swelling or bruising around the right or left shoulder
Signs of infection, such as fever, redness, warmth or swelling
Severe shoulder pain that persists when you’re resting
Chronic shoulder pain that lasts more than a few days
Recurring shoulder pain
Shoulder joint that appears deformed
Unusual twinges or aches in the shoulder area
What Chiropractic Treatments Relieve Shoulder Pain?
Chiropractic therapy effectively relieves shoulder pain from most causes (including torn rotator cuffs) but our specialists will still do a thorough evaluation to assess for referred pain and any potential underlying health conditions. The goal is to gently relieve pain and bring back full function. This means that depending on your condition, you may need adjustments of the shoulder, neck, upper back and upper arm. We’ll also teach you exercises to build strength and motion, while avoiding further damage.

Outside our clinic, it’s important to care properly for an injured shoulder. That may include alternating ice and heat, or a gentle stretching routine. We may also teach ergonomics to reduce stress on the shoulders with proper posture. If you continue to have pain, call our Office so that our chiropractors can reevaluate your shoulder and change treatment if necessary.