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Knowledge Base: Vertigo Chiropractor

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Symptoms and Chiropractic Treatments for Vertigo
There is a medical condition that may cause you to feel like you are spinning, but when in actual fact, you are in a stationary position. Directly related to problems with the inner ear, this medical condition by the name of vertigo could be the reason you have been experiencing spinning symptoms.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the feeling of spinning, and can have various causes and symptoms.

What causes vertigo?

It is important to be aware of both your current health, as well as your family health history.
Some of the primary causes of vertigo include: BPPV, Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BBPV is a condition that affects the inner ear, particularly when calcium particles clutter in the canals of the ear. It can be brought on because of age, but the main cause of this condition is unknown.
Meniere’s disease is caused by two facts: changing pressure in the ear and a build up of fluid. This can cause vertigo and possible hearing loss.
Vestibular neuritis is most commonly associated with an ear infection. Inflammation of the nerves in the inner ear is the reasoning behind the vertigo symptoms.

What causes vertigo?

Symptoms of vertigo are all dependent on each individual and may vary from this list. Some common vertigo symptoms may include:

Dizziness or spells of lightheadedness
Ringing in ears
Loss of hearing

Chiropractic Treatment for Vertigo

Choosing chiropractic treatment for your vertigo symptoms may be an option when other treatments have been unsuccessful. Your chiropractor who specializes in dealing with vertigo attacks can teach you at home vertigo exercises to help you stop feeling dizzy and get fast relief.

Common vertigo treatments include:

Physical therapy (which aim to strengthen the vestibular system)
Canalith repositioning maneuver
Medication (such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory or steroids)
Surgery (for extreme cases)

Two types of chiropractic treatment that can be used to treat vertigo disease include: manipulation and positioning manoeuvres.

Manipulation can help with allowing the nervous system to operate properly and balance the pathways, allowing your balance to be restored. Manipulation works to target joints, particularly in the upper neck, to realign and help with the muscles and alignment of the neck to the brain.
Epley Maneuver is a type of maneuver that helps to clear the debris that is settling in the vestibulocochlear apparatus. The vestibulocochlear apparatus is our “balance center” for our bodies and if there is debris that collects there, it will cause us to experience symptoms of vertigo.

Do not let vertigo stop you from living the life you deserve. Your friendly chiropractor can help you relieve and even remove vertigo from your life.